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Sacred Ground Counseling
Sacred Ground Counseling
Sacred Ground Counseling
hange, at times, is feared more than
death; to unravel the layers of history and allow your heart to feel can be so overwhelming that staying stuck is preferable to change. One of my favorite authors, Annie Rogers, gently explains it this way, "What you fear most has already happened."  Are you willing to allow yourself to return to the past― to grieve through portions of your story and find healing, fullness, and rest... [continue]


          "What has been wounded in a relationship must be, after all, healed in a relationship."         
-Annie Rogers  
Sacred Ground Counseling, Nashville Counseling


offer counseling to adolescents and
adults in the Nashville area. I specialize in trauma recovery work, including sexual trauma, sexual assault and symptoms of PTSD. I work with clients to identify and engage the areas of abuse and trauma that have been perceived as either life shattering or less severe when trauma is seen as more subtle it often goes unnamed and therefore remains obscured in the client's orienting narrative. I practice from the standpoint that the brain, body and spirit are intimately connected. Through intentional listening, attunement and interpretive reflection, I help clients gain a greater sense of autonomy and self-care― enabling them to experience healthy relationships with self and others.

Jenna Toops, M.A.

          "Gravity and sadness yank us down, and hope gives us a nudge to help one another get back up or to sit with the fallen on the ground in the abyss, in solidarity."  
-Anne Lamott  
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